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Sylvia Berman

My passion is Africa, all of Africa. A place for families, reunions, friends traveling together, the physically challenged, everyone. From 7 days and up. You can spend time just seeing the migration and animals or you can treat yourself to vine yards, fine dining and incredible shopping. We decide together.

When not in Africa I try to see Asia, and/or the United States. So many wonderful places to visit just around the corner from home. Weekend getaways to spas, golf, fishing, National Parks or just sitting on a beach reading a good book.

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Grace Devita

As Vice President of Post Haste Travel, I am responsible for all the management, training and technology for our company. Our good relationship with our Virtuoso travel partners is also my responsibility, and one I take very seriously. Clients like you will always have the best we have to offer, with expertise, experience and professionalism from our Post Haste Travel Virtuoso advisors. I am very proud to be part of our company. Oh, and the traveling part is fun too! I recently traveled with Paul Gauguin Cruises to French Polynesia, and will be heading back to South Africa in April.

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Amiel Lindenbaum

Where's Amiel?

That's a question people have been asking for as long as I can remember. I have a credo of always going the extra mile and never backing down from an adventure. Life is made richer by the remarkable experiences we have along the way. As a surfer and skier, this philosophy has taken me from rugged to resort. Whether it's in the mountains, islands, jungles or deserts, my goal has always been the same; get out there, get lost, always stay safe and always come back with incredible stories. My best, are the ones about escaping riot police in Jakarta and standing on tanks in the Kremlin while getting caught in those countries' revolutions.

Now as a father of three boys and the responsibility of keeping Kosher, I am keenly aware of the challenges of putting together a fantastic family adventure.

Where's Amiel?

I am here, available to share my expertise to help you to get out there and build your own. Together we can craft your next great adventure tale.

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Barbara Stein CTC

In my 36 years in the travel industry, I have traveled to all 7 continents (Antarctica 4 times), and 253 countries on the Travelers Century Club list. I specialize in Asia, having traveled there extensively, and Africa, having been on safari more than 20 times. I lived in Egypt for a number of years, and know and love the country well. Cruising is one of the most wonderful aspects of travel, and I have been on 151 cruises and hosted 55 cruises for Virtuoso Voyager Club, including 5 World Cruises. I am eager to share my vast experience, and welcome the opportunity to make travel special for my clients.

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Bettie Cagle

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Candace Andreozzi ACC

I've been booking travel for nine years now; while I can work on experiences all over the world, I myself have traveled extensively in Italy, Africa, the Caribbean, Mexico, France, the UK, Greece, and the US. I tend to specialize in adventure-based itineraries, and cruising.

I think of travel as an education itself: to experience the beauty, the culture, and the magnificence of the world, you need to do it. In some ways, it's the best money you can invest.

I recently planned an Ireland tour for a family of four, including different activities for each teenager (sports/music) and a dog/sheep exhibit because they're all pet lovers. I regularly customize trips like that, and I'd love to do it for you.

Personally, I'm a fundraiser for St. Jude's Children Research Hosptial in South Florida. My partner and I climbed Mt. Kilimarjaro for the kids I fundraise for, and I still proudly hang that flag in my office.

I always try to give back to kids and Mother Earth.

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Carlos Diez Arguelles

I have visited the world's top cities, luxury hotels, and exotic destinations many times over the years, and have extensive cruise experience, including sailing on Silversea and Seabourn more than 120 days. My passion is planning a true 5 star experience, suited to your individual needs. I am detail oriented, experienced and a service oriented advisor. Whether planning a cruise, safari or a city escape; it would be my pleasure to help make your journey a truly memorable one!

I'm here if you want to talk!

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Cathie Inman DS

I manage Sales and Marketing for Post Haste Travel. My background in the music industry has taken me all over the world working with fabulous entertainers, so I know how to pamper any guest!

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Dana Feigenbaum

I assist Marcia Hochberg booking air for her corporate clients, hotels and resorts for leisure clients, and all other needs of Marcia's clients.

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Debbie Yonker

I have traveled around the world many times via cruise ship and River boat. My clients rely on me to create the best possible vacation for their budget.

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Fran Thorz

What a lucky lady I am!! I have been traveling since I was 20 years old and have been almost everywhere in the world that I have ever wanted to visit, definitely every continent. I love all of the "A" places the best. i.e. Asia, Africa, Arctic and all of the Americas. I love helping clients plan their dream trips and making their wishes a reality.

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Gal Cahlon

Born in Tel Aviv, raised in Hollywood, FL. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management. I’ve had a passion for travel since I was a little girl when my parents starting taking me on cruises around the Caribbean. Growing up in South Florida, I have been around the beach all my life, and the vastness of the ocean never ceases to amaze me. As I have gotten older my curiosity has grown to explore other places in the world...especially Asia and Central and South America. One of my favorite accomplishments was hiking up a dormant volcano in Costa Rica with an incredible lagoon on top that I swam in. In my free time you can find me scouring the Internet for interesting things to do in whatever place I may be curious about at the time. My friends always ask me, “where are you off to next?” and I hope that I always have an answer to that question. My ultimate goal is to travel around the world and gain extensive knowledge so that I am able to come back and help you create great experiences with memories that will last you a lifetime.

“I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.’” –Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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Jan Hammond CTC, DS, MCC

I've been working in the travel advising space since the 1970s; it all started because of a summer job at a bank that had a travel department. They wanted someone to train to expand a role. That someone became me and I loved it and never looked back.

I can book experiences all over the world. I am a Tahiti and Switzerland specialist, and my office specializes in Africa. I do a lot of cruises (geographically all over) and my honeymoon clients tend to be South Pacific or Caribbean. I love working with honeymooners because they often haven't traveled a lot and love working together and learning about the process. I'm not a wine expert, but I've done California wine country many times, as well as France and Italy. I appreciate good wines.

The way I work with travelers is simple: I want you to have the best trip possible, every single time. I'd love to help your family achieve that as well.

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Janet Rubinger

I was born and brought up in Montreal. I graduated McGill University with a Bachelor of Science in 1964. I have been married to my husband, Avrum, since 1965. We have 2 successful sons and 4 beautiful grandchildren. We love to travel and have visited many countries. I have been working at Post Haste Travel since 1996 and travelling as much as my time off allows.

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Jessica Lindenbaum

Traveling whether as a family or as a couple, is my passion. I am thrilled to share that passion with others. I use my experience and the resources available to me to craft the best tailored vacation for my clients. My husband and I make up a great team to handle any request. Let us help you with your next great dream adventure.

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Joann Barnard

I started in the travel industry with Post Haste Travel in 1983. Managed Post Haste Travel for 23 years and now an Independent Contractor for the same. I enjoy making my client's travel experince exciting with lots of wonderful memories

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Joyce Klein

I graduated from Mt Holyoke College with a degree in economics. After working for several years in the field of international economics my husband and I were transferred to Florida. I was unable to find employment in my field and since I had traveled extensively I decided to become a travel consultant. I loved it and have been active for over 35 years.

I have traveled the globe but my areas of special interest are Africa and Asia, I have been to both areas many times and contine to anticipate subsequent visits.

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Karen Wilcox

After planning my own family vacations and helping friends with theirs, I decided that my passion for travel should be a career. I cater to luxury leisure travel for individuals and couples, as well as high-end business travel for executives.I believe that travel should help heal and enrich your life, so I love doing the leg work thus allowing people to truly relax and enjoy every moment. My own frequent travels and those I’ve been privileged to plan have span six continents with my favorite destinations being Russia and Easter Island

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Kari Angelo

"This life is not a dress rehearsal-it's the only one you get!"-Anonymous

It's a big world out there! I realized that while a Flight Attendant in my early 20's! That's when my passion for travel began! The more places I go the more I want to see!

I treasure every moment with my two children! Travelling has given us quality time together and memories we will have forever! Our experiences and adventures have taken us all over the world...glamping at dude ranches in Montana, snow skiing in Colorado and Utah, spotting bison and bears up close in Yellowstone National Park, wake boarding on Lake Como, Italy to swimming with stingrays in Cayman Islands to name a few...just too many adventures to list and planning more!!!

Whether I've traveled solo to Barcelona, with one friend or several to Cuba and Hong Kong, with my children or entire family to Harbour Island, Bahamas-I have cherished every memory! Captivating conversations, bursts of laughter and happy times have stemmed while being on those trips and later while reminiscing about our trips!

As a Virtuoso Advisor, I look forward to helping you check those experiences, trips and adventures off your BUCKET LIST!!!

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. Explore. Dream. Discover.-Mark Twain

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Kristina Miller

I love a good adventure while also being able to make a difference on my travels! I have been traveling extensively for the past 15 years to 30+ countries including stints living in Ireland, the Czech Republic, Fiji, Peru, and all over the United States. For the past decade I have worked in humanitarian development all over the world including years working with indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest.

My specialties include expeditions, volun-tourism, study tour trips, and travel to remote destinations. The face of travel is changing with many travelers having the desire to get off the beaten path. Using my connections and expertise to connect my clients with scientific expeditions or charitable volunteer activities, my clients can experience new places in very different ways from conventional tourism.

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Lilian Mills

After taking a hiatus from the travel industry to raise my beautiful children, I have returned to help make my clients' travel dreams a reality. I'm originally from Brazil and moved to the U.S in 1991 to study English.

I had been told that kids would change my travels; it sure did…for the better! I truly believe that travel is the most wonderful education and the best gift you can give your kids. Family travel experiences shouldn't be limited to theme parks. Exciting adventures await: skiing in the Rocky Mountains, hiking through the hills of Tuscany, visiting amazing museums in Florence, riding a buggy on the beautiful white dunes of Brazil's beaches, and watching sunsets on top of my hometown's Sugar Loaf Mountain are just some of my favorites.

I'm also passionate about island getaways. The beaches of the Caribbean are a perfect setting for relaxation, whether it's a family connecting with each other or a romantic vacation.

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Lisa Crawford

I love working with people to help them realize their desired goals and dreams. My background is in law and real estate. I look forward to creating 5-star experiences for my customers in the travel industry.

I love working with people to help them realize their desired goals and dreams. My background is in law and real estate. I look forward to creating 5-star experiences for my customers in the travel industry.

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Marcia Hochberg

Marcia, with a B.A. in Elementary Education, and a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education, embarked on her second career, in the travel industry, twenty-six years ago. She was fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel extensively in Europe, the Far East and Asia, because of her husbands’ business involvements. Due to this exposure, she has personal experiences to draw from when planning travel to many foreign destinations. Marcia handles corporate as well as leisure accounts, and has as much knowledge of independent travel, as she does cruises and tours.

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Mary Cedeno-Azanza

Traveling allows people to immerse themselves in the cultures of the world.Since starting my wonderful journey 37 years ago, I have pursued the Art of Travel, exploring the various wonders of this world, with countless memories and stories to tell. I’ve traveled through 4 continents, including Australia, Europe, and North and South America with my lovely family. I have a true passion for adventure, including kayaking the Colorado River, hiking the nearly 500-mile Colorado Trail and snow skiing at resorts in Canada, Colorado, Utah and many northeast US destinations,.I love to plan tailor made vacations for clients, their friends and families; group travel is my specialty.I believe it is not only experience that matters in planning this art of travel, it requires passion, love and commitment to create great experiences.

Life is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. Let me help you remember all of the pages by planning your next amazing adventure.

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Melissa Accocella

"All those who wander are not lost." I believe that travel is a lifestyle. Travel always makes me feel so alive; the plane hits the ground and it opens to a whole new world. That feeling of seeing a new place, another culture. Each destination has its own special touch. That's why I am a travel professional. I dream that my clients can have amazing experiences and life long memories of their journeys. Travel is a gift and I truly love being able to assist in the process. I love all types of travel whether it is adventure, sun and fun, culture or multi-generational. I can assist in making your dreams a reality!

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Meredith McCleary

My specialty is travel to, for and about Africa and the African Diaspora, whether by land or sea. I have over 20 years of experience traveling and sharing my knowledge of all the continents in the world, except Antarctica.

My love of travel has allowed me to plan great adventures for People of Color, to experience the heritage and culture of their dreams, and savor the memories of journeys of a lifetime. International meetings, family reunions, Girls' Get Aways, Fraternity Reunions, and Youth group tours and Safaris are some of my favorite journeys to plan .

I plan at least one escorted tour each year to a special destination, and hope to take you with me!

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Merle FIsher

I started my career as a travel advisor 15 years ago, using my background as a physical therapist to help make travel arrangements for handicapped travelers. Since then I have traveled extensively around the world, and specialize in cruising and land tours. My husband of 48 years travels with me most of the time. You can too! I can be reached by email or 954-962-4221.

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Nancy Schlatter

Traveling for 3 months through Europe on $10/day after college was the beginning of my love affair with adventures in travel. Every day was full of wonder!

Since then my travels have always included a quest for the extraordinary.

My interests are custom adventure travel, river cruising, bike/hike/kayak adventures, wine and food tours, honeymoons/destination weddings and milestone travel. I offer extraordinary client service, and pride myself on getting to know the hidden gems and special touches that can make a vacation personal, seamless and unique.

In this age of information overload, it is both smart and valuable to have a travel advisor who knows how to navigate through all the information and find the perfect property, cruise or tour that will help you find your extraordinary. With the many relationships available through Virtuoso, I can do just that.

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Natallia Khoshchynka

My passion for travel began in my childhood while I was travelling with my parents to different destinations around Europe. After my high school graduation I moved abroad to continue my studying, where I obtained a degree in Hospitality and Tourism. I had been living for 4 years in Lithuania during that time. That period of my life opened a new door of world exploration for me. I was travelling a lot and I had visited many sites in Poland, Czech Republic, Russian, Ukraine and other countries. I moved to the United States in 2009. I immediately fell in love with its cultural diversity. I can proudly say that it is great and fulfilling experience to have been a part of people travel planning on both continents. Constructing personal adventures sparks my imagination and provides a positive outlook on the great world of travel for everyone involved.

I love to meet new people, explore new countries, cultures, history and traditions. I travel often on my own. I like to try new cuisine, diverse accommodation and activities in places where I stay. Aside from the obvious fun involved, traveling can transform you on so many levels. It provides happiness and satisfaction long after the trip is over. I appreciate these challenges and I am glad to share my knowledge and experience with other people.

At the end of my brief introduction, I would like to mention brilliant words of St. Augustine with whom I completely agree: “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

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Peg McDaniel

One of my most favorite travel quotes is "Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport." When folks ask me what they should bring back from their travels? I tell them...A good story!

Attention to detail is my strength coming from a background in marketing and consumer connections. My micro approach to travel planning feeds my need to dive into every element of your trip to make the right connections between you and your dream journey.

Whether you have just a few vacation days or unlimited time for that longed-for trip, you want to live it, breathe it and tell everyone your perfect story.

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Rhonda Zorman

My early career as an international flight attendant not only fed my passion for travel, but it also prepared me to create the perfect vacation for you and your loved ones. When I had major issues booking online, and through the travel department of my credit card company, I knew I could do better! I am very passionate about health and wellness, and am a certified as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a Certified Well Being Travel Expert. I love cruising, hiking and skiing too!

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us." – Anonymous

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Robin Berman

Dream. Explore. Discover.

As a child growing up in New Jersey, I valued each and every family vacation we took, and fell in love with traveling. I instilled that value into my own family, and exploring the world with our children became a top priority, and has been the perfect blend of education and fun. Now after 40+ years of traveling, it only seemed natural to pursue a career as a travel advisor.

As it is important to me to constantly keep updated on destinations and properties in order to provide my clients with the best information, I attend many seminars and study tours on a regular basis.

I am passionate about helping clients plan their dream vacations, exploring the world, and making fabulous memories. Whether it is a quick weekend getaway, family vacation or special occasion trip, I would love to assist you in planning your dream experience.

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Sandra Lizausaba

Moving to South Florida in 1993 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I transferred to Miami from a subsidiary of TWA to working at Miami International Airport. With eleven years of service to TWA and only a brief separation after September 11th, in January 2002 I began my association with American Airlines.

Having a combined service in the airline industry of approximately 22 years from 1990, until I retired in 2012 from American Airlines, I enjoyed all aspects of helping people in their travel. With the potential as standby to fly anywhere in the world or domestically for free or at a reduced rate on AA and other Airlines I have mostly focused my own travel domestically all over the United States, while my husband has taken advantage of international travel. Assisting passengers off to their destinations, I worked at the gates in Miami for American Airlines, where travelers begin their exciting, well-planned and thought out trips sending them too many parts of the world. I tried my best to limit those stresses inherently associated with the flying public reaching their destinations smoothly, but often distressed passengers due to cancelled flights, missed connections and other frustrations found themselves in long lines waiting for help in rebooking. My experiences working at the airport and on the frontline, it was easy to see that those passengers that had an unseen travel partner, their Travel Advisor, were by far the best equipped to solve their needs to be accommodated onto other alternate flights which those waiting in line alone would find no longer available as options.

Now working here at Post Haste Travel, at the Front Desk I understand more fully all the dedication from the Travel Advisors here at Post Haste that goes into a client?s successful trip. I am proud to be a part of the process and enjoy hearing returning travelers accounts of their wonderful trips and exciting adventures.

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Suzanne Perun

Planning travel has always been my obsession. From last minute, spontaneous travel, to a trip of a lifetime. I love all the details that personalized travel requires! Travel is part of my DNA...Born in the US, raised bilingual by Danish parents and growing up traveling the world. I've been to over 39 countries on 5 continents. I love Scuba Diving, Hiking, Skiing, Horseback Treks, and exploring other cultures. Having been in the travel industry for many years, I took a brief break while my children were young. We now travel with our children around the world so they have the opportunity to experience other cultures on their journey to become global citizens. Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, so let me help you plan an experience that will leave you with priceless memories!

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Tatiana Besson

I grew up in the gorgeous city of St. Petersburg in Russia. When I and my younger sister were little, my parents used to bring us some places, leave us with some locals and go hiking. Maybe, then my envy for travel was born. Being unable to budget my trips, I have completed the Water Travel Instructor's training and started leading groups. My son wasn't even one year old when I started tugging him along. After coming to the US I was offered an opportunity to learn how to be a travel agent and I seized the chance. From that time on, for the last 20 years I was doing some leisure, incentive and mostly corporate travel. And I traveled the world myself but much less than I'd like to. There are so many places to explore still on my bucket list!

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