Travel Specialists

One of the most common misconceptions about travel advisors is that we’re just transactional agents – you tell us where you want to go, they book your flights, and off you go. And while we are logistics pros, there’s so much more when you work with a professional travel advisor. From that first spark of an idea until long after a trip is finished, our travel advisors are by your side. We are collaborators, curators, and confidantes, doing everything from building custom itineraries to calling our hotelier friends in Paris, Nairobi, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, or Miami to get you the suite with the very best view of the Eiffel Tower. We discuss your travel style, must-haves, wish list, and every other important detail that we will need to know!

Sylvia Berman

Sylvia Berman

My passion is Africa, all of Africa. It’s a place for families, reunions, friends traveling together, the physically challenged, religious, everyone. We all go to Africa to see the “Big Five”; we return because of the people. In today’s travel, we want experiences. No longer do we want to be a bystander.

We want to learn about the country we are visiting, the people we are meeting, and why the animals interact the way they are. We want to protect the countries we are seeing, not destroy them. Africa does it better than any place on Earth. The standards are higher; the rules are more stringent. I have learned that one safari program does not fit all, and it is important that I determine which one is right for you. I have escorted small groups since 1980, using this same premise so that my clients come home with knowledge, not just pictures. Whether traveling to Southern Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, or any other African country, I have taken the time to learn about each one individually. I could never get that information from the Internet. It takes commitment, time, and effort to make sure that your trip fulfills your dreams. That’s what I pride myself on. Call me to start the discussion about your safari.

Grace DeVita

Grace DeVita - President/Owner

Post Haste Travel has a 50-year history of providing personalized travel experiences for travelers of all ages, from a simple Caribbean cruise to extensive, tailor-made adventures for business and family groups. I make sure our Travel Advisors have the most up-to-date information from our travel partners worldwide. Maintaining our relationships with general hotel managers, cruise line management teams, tour operators, and other global travel service providers that we know and trust.

New technology and digital tools require constant training and updating. As Professional Travel Advisors, we work hard to provide better and more relevant information for all travel planning.

As a member of the Virtuoso network, we have opportunities for in-depth training, marketing tools, destination study tours, travel technology, and better business skills to make sure you are getting the most professional advice and collaboration while we plan your travel.

If you are interested in learning about a career as a professional travel advisor, feel free to contact me.

Amiel Lindenbaum

**Amiel Lindenbaum

Where’s Amiel?


That’s a question people have been asking for as long as I can remember. I have a credo of always going the extra mile and never backing down from an adventure. Life is made richer by the remarkable experiences we have along the way.

As a surfer and skier, this philosophy has taken me from rugged to resort. Whether it’s in the mountains, islands, jungles, or deserts, my goal has always been the same: get out there, get lost, always stay safe, and always come back with incredible stories. My best is about escaping riot police in Jakarta and standing on tanks in the Kremlin while getting caught in those countries’ revolutions.

As a father of three boys and with the responsibility of keeping Kosher, I am keenly aware of the challenges of putting together a fantastic family adventure.

Where’s Amiel?

I am here, available to share my expertise to help you to get out there and build your own. Together we can craft your next great adventure tale.

Barbara Stein

**Barbara Stein CTC

In my 36 years in the travel industry, I have traveled to all seven continents (Antarctica 4 times) and 253 countries on the Travelers’ Century Club list. I specialize in Asia, having traveled there extensively, and Africa, having been on safari more than 20 times. I lived in Egypt for several years and knew and loved the country well.

Cruising is one of the most beautiful aspects of travel, and I have been on 151 cruises and hosted 55 cruises for Virtuoso Voyager Club, including 5 World Cruises. I am eager to share my vast experience and welcome the opportunity to make travel special for my clients.

Candace Andreozzi ACC

***Candace Andreozzi ACC

I’ve been booking travel for over ten years; while I can work on experiences worldwide, I have traveled extensively in Italy, Africa, the Caribbean, Mexico, France, the U.K., Greece, and the U.S. I tend to specialize in adventure-based itineraries and cruising. I think of travel as education itself; to experience the beauty, the culture, the taste and smell, and the magnificence of the world, you need to do it.

In some ways, it’s the best money you can invest. In these challenging times, it’s best to solicit a knowledgeable person who will help navigate the changing landscape that is happening daily. I planned an Ireland tour for a family of four, including different activities for each teenager (sports/music) and a dog/sheep exhibit because they’re all pet lovers. It was an overwhelming success. This is what I can do for you. I love giving back, and it’s so easy to incorporate volunteerism into an itinerary where you interact with the locals and help with different endeavors, i.e., help with bringing water to a village. “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Carlos Diez Arguelles

**Carlos Diez Arguelles

With over 30 years of experience in travel and management services, I have visited the world’s top cities, luxury hotels, and exotic destinations many times. I have extensive cruise experience, including sailing on Silversea, Seabourn, and Regent. My passion is planning a true 5-star experience suited to your individual needs. I am detail-oriented, experienced, and a service-oriented advisor. 

Whether planning a cruise, safari, or a city escape, I have the skills, knowledge, and resources to make your journey truly memorable.

Dana Feigenbaum

Dana Feigenbaum

I assist Marcia Hochberg in booking air travel for her corporate clients, hotels and resorts for leisure clients, and all other needs of Marcia’s clients.

Dana Herzberg

Dana Herzberg​

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1993. My passion for travel started when I was little, and for school vacation, I was going with my family to different places. First, we started learning about our own country; then, we started traveling internationally. In 2012, I moved to Miami, started working as a luxury travel advisor in 2015, and loved it so much that I decided that I will do this forever.I like to work on any type of trip and destination, but my specialties are honeymoons or anniversaries and family travel. 

I know Africa, South East Asia, Israel, and Italy, and they are my favorite destinations to plan for a wonderful travel.

Debbie Yonker

**Debbie Yonker

I have traveled the world by land and sea. My clients rely on me to plan worry-free vacations. I work with all budgets and travel dreams.

Fran Thorz

**Fran Thorz

What a lucky lady I am! I have been traveling since I was 20 years old and have been almost anywhere in the world that I have ever wanted to visit, definitely every continent. I love all of the “A” places the best! Asia, Africa, the Arctic, and all of the Americas. I love helping clients plan their dream trips and making their wishes a reality.

Gal Cahlon

Gal Cahlon

Born in Tel Aviv and raised in Hollywood, FL, I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management. I’ve had a passion for travel since I was a little girl when my parents started taking me on cruises around the Caribbean. Growing up in South Florida, I have been around the beach all my life, and the ocean’s vastness never ceases to amaze me.

. As I have gotten older, my curiosity has grown to explore other places in the world, especially Asia and Central and South America. One of my favorite accomplishments was hiking up a dormant volcano in Costa Rica with an incredible lagoon on top that I swam in. In my free time, you can find me scouring the Internet for exciting things to do in whatever place I may be curious about at the time. My friends always ask me, “Where are you off to next?” and I hope that I always have an answer to that question. My ultimate goal is to travel around the world and gain extensive knowledge so that I can come back and help you create great experiences with memories that will last you a lifetime. “I urge you to please notice when you are happy and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.'” – Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Isabelle Deleuze

**Isabelle Deleuze

The day I stepped onto my first flight aboard Pan Am as a child, I fell in love with traveling and knew it would shape my future. Exploring new destinations is my passion, and I am constantly traveling the globe to pursue new places to educate myself further to plan my perfect vacation. Born and raised in the south of France, I have a love for the French Riviera and am fluent in French.

I moved to the United States in high school, and following my love of travel, I became an international flight attendant. Some of my favorite memories are seeing the pyramids of Egypt, walking the Great Wall of China, and snorkeling the beautiful reefs of Palau. The Hawaiian Islands hold a special place in my heart; their beauty is unforgettable. I love taking photos of beautiful places, but I also look forward to immersing myself in different cultures. My husband and I have three children, and the travels we have taken together as a family has been enriching not only in memories but also in education. Whatever destination you dream of, I can help you plan the trip of a lifetime or a weekend getaway. With my travel experience, I will ensure you have an unforgettable vacation, whether to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris or somewhere on the road less traveled.

Jessica Lindenbaum

Jessica Lindenbaum

Traveling, whether as a family or as a couple, is my passion. I am thrilled to share that passion with others. I use my experience and the resources available to craft the best-tailored vacation for my clients. My husband and I make up a great team to handle any request. Let us help you with your next excellent dream adventure.

Karen Willox

**Karen Willox

After planning my family vacations and helping friends with theirs, I decided that my passion for travel should be a career. I cater to luxury leisure travel for individuals and couples, as well as high-end business travel for executives. I believe that trip should help heal and enrich your life, so I love doing leg work, thus allowing people to relax and enjoy every moment truly.

My frequent travels and those I’ve been privileged to plan span six continents, with my favorite destinations being Russia and Easter Island.

Lilian Mills

**Lilian Mills

If you’re anything like me, you have a strong desire to travel, and you want your experiences to be memorable. I started planning travel in 1995; then, I took a hiatus to raise my kids and traveled with them extensively throughout five continents, which has helped me tremendously in creating tailor-made experiences all over the world for my clients.

I’ve experienced many 4- & 5-star resorts, and I take all notes necessary and love everything involved with travel planning, especially finding the places that only locals know and love! I know your leisure time is valuable; I’m here to help you get the most of it with the least amount of your own time invested in making that happen. I’ll take care of every detail, and you can show up and enjoy an incredible time with your family! My specialties include honeymoons, couples’ and friends’ getaways, and family vacations. Food, wine, & history tours in Italy, island hopping in Greece, skiing in Switzerland and Colorado, pub hopping in Ireland, safaris in South Africa, exploring excellent Israel, swimming with sharks in Moorea, snorkeling in Bora Bora, sailing in the Caribbean. Of course, my hometown, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is just some of my favorites. What’s yours? I don’t just book trips; I create memorable experiences! It will be my pleasure to partner with you to create an incredible experience!

Marcia Hochberg

**Marcia Hochberg

With a B.A. in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Marcia embarked on her second career in the travel industry twenty-six years ago. She was fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel extensively in Europe, the Far East, and Asia because of her husband’s business involvement.

Due to this exposure, she has personal experiences to draw from when planning to travel to many foreign destinations. Marcia handles corporate and leisure accounts and has as much knowledge of independent travel as she does cruises and tours.

Nancy Schlatter

**Nancy Schlatter

I was traveling for three months through Europe on $10/day after college was the beginning of my love affair with adventures in travel. Every day was full of wonder! Since then, my travels have always included a quest for the extraordinary. I view travel as an investment in our well-being. Nobody comes back from a journey untouched by the experience!

That is why I love helping others plan travel adventures – when you see the world through a new lens, step outside your comfort zone, experience new things, and meet new people, it challenges you to embrace the differences that make the world so colorful. Travel will enrich and invigorate you and is a beautiful gift you can give yourself and your loved ones! My passion is custom milestone/celebration travel for individuals and families. Whether it’s a big birthday, a honeymoon, an anniversary, a recent promotion, or a memorable family vacation, I can put together an itinerary to keep everyone happy. How about a bike/hike adventure in the U.S. or Ireland; a wine and food tour in Italy, Spain, France, or South America; a beach vacation in Hawaii, Mexico, or the Caribbean; or a multi-gen cruise to Alaska, Greece, or the Mediterranean? I offer extraordinary client service and pride myself on getting to know the hidden gems and special touches that can make a vacation personal, seamless, and unique. In this age of information overload, it is both intelligent and valuable to have a travel advisor who knows how to navigate through all the noise and find the perfect property, cruise, or tour that will help find you extraordinary!

Peg McDaniel

**Peg McDaniel

One of my favorite travel quotes is, “Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.” When folks ask me what they should bring back from their travels, I tell them, “a good story!” Attention to detail is my strength, coming from a background in marketing and consumer connections.

My micro approach to travel planning feeds my need to dive into every element of your trip to make the right connections between you and your dream journey. Whether you have just a few vacation days or unlimited time for that longed-for trip, you want to live it, breathe it, and tell everyone your perfect story.

Robin Berman

**Robin Berman

Dream. Explore. Discover. As a child growing up in New Jersey, I valued each and every family vacation we took and fell in love with traveling. I instilled that value into my own family, and exploring the world with our children became a top priority and has been the perfect blend of education and fun. Now, after 40+ years of traveling, it only seemed natural to pursue a career as a travel advisor.

As it is important to me to constantly keep updated on destinations and properties to provide my clients with the best information, I attend many seminars and study tours on a regular basis. I am passionate about helping clients plan their dream vacations, exploring the world, and making fabulous memories. Whether it is a quick weekend getaway, family vacation, or special occasion trip, I would love to assist you in planning your dream experience.

Sandra Lizausaba

Sandra Lizausaba

Moving to South Florida in 1993 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I transferred to Miami from a subsidiary of TWA to working at Miami International Airport. With eleven years of service to TWA and only a brief separation after September 11th, in January 2002, I began my association with American Airlines. Having a combined service in the airline industry of approximately 22 years from 1990 until I retired in 2012 from American Airlines, I enjoyed all aspects of helping people in their travel. 

With the potential as standby to fly anywhere in the world or domestically for free or at a reduced rate on A.A. and other Airlines, I have mostly focused my own travel domestically all over the United States, while my husband has taken advantage of international travel. Working 14 years at Post Haste Travel as Front Desk and now as an Office Manager, I understand more fully all the dedication and planning that the Travel Advisors put into creating rewarding and successful travel experiences. After a trip in December 2019 to one of our country’s many beautiful majestic National Parks, Yosemite, this quote made perfect sense: “Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.” If you’ve been thinking about a family trip or a couple’s adventure to one of many U.S. National Parks, stop hesitating and call Post Haste Travel to speak to one of our Specialists and begin your experience of Wow!

Katie Cade

Katie Cade

One of life’s greatest joys is traveling the world with those you love. I believe every trip brings the opportunity to create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. My favorite places include my destination wedding in Lake Como, Italy, and London, England. I look forward to helping you create cherished experiences through travel.

Tatiana Besson

Tatiana Besson

I grew up in the gorgeous city of St. Petersburg in Russia. When my younger sister and I were little, my parents brought us to some places, left us with some locals, and went hiking. Maybe, then my envy for travel was born. Being unable to budget my trips, I have completed the Water Travel Instructor’s training and started leading groups. My son wasn’t even one year old when I started tugging him along. After coming to the U.S., I was offered an opportunity to learn how to be a travel agent, and I seized the chance.

 From that time on, for the last 26 years, I was arraigning some leisure, incentive, and most corporate travel. And I traveled the world myself but much less than I’d like to. My latest fascinating trips were to Australia (twice!) and to inspiring Peru. I can’t wait to be on the way to my next fantastic destination! There are so many places to explore still on my bucket list!

Yasmin Nasser

Yasmin Nasser

My travel journey began as a child, growing up in Saudi Arabia and often traveling the region and home to New York with my parents. After high school graduation I moved back home to America and started a professional career in travel. First working for an international airline as a conflict resolution specialist later moving into the world of luxury travel, concierge and planning services.

I learned how travel can be enriching and educational for travelers in all ages and truly fell in love with cultural immersion in my personal travel style mainly seeking local dinning, music and dance experiences.

I have now been selling travel for over 6 years. While I am able to book travel worldwide my area of specialty is the Middle East as well of my home country the United States.

I am always ready to create exclusive packages to meet your needs with everything from private jets, private transportation, concierge services, and a Personal Chef. The more out of the box the better!

As we open up for Travel; please contact me for personal assistance at

“**” An Independent Affiliate of Post Haste Travel.

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